A Return to Singing

I’ve noticed a lot of little changes around here since Ben started working again a few weeks ago.  I’ve noticed the obvious changes too – being without a car during the day, errands shifted to the weekend, income – but the small ones have been the most surprising; the return of his sporadic burst into song and mouth trumpeting as he completes daily chores is one I’m grateful for.  It is surprising, though, because I hadn’t really noticed it was gone.  I think of a caged bird who loses its song as it molts and prepares to grow new feathers.  Life was pretty quiet around here, even though we had a lot going on.

The hens have done a lot to help us prepare our backyard for the food garden.  Ben already has what seems like a thousand starts growing in the closet and sunroom of our house.  His next big thing will be putting wheels on the chicken tractor – my Uncle Jim made them for us, so they will be the perfect fit.



Here, Ben transplants starts to bigger containers.

The kids really enjoy having animals.  Zefram, particularly, gets the happiest of grins when he is out with them.  All of my children have been gentle with animals (gentle for kids), but Z has been more so.  It takes very little to correct any abhorrent behavior, and I hardly have the need to.  The neighbor’s horses are gentle in return and will sometimes nudge him over the fence if he is distracted by other things.

I happened to glance out the kitchen window on Saturday to see this, so I hurried out to capture the image, though my hope is I’ll treasure it in my memory forever :


I’ve helped some in the yard as well.  I managed to prune our fruit trees on Friday, and I’ve been gradually installing a stone path to our front door.  I sprinkled creeping thyme seeds between the cracks on Saturday.  Between those and the starts I can transplant when they are ready, I’m hoping for something whimsical.  We’ll see, I guess.


I’m scoping out other perennials to add to this entry garden.  I keep going back and forth between having a color scheme or just throwing plants in willy-nilly based on what looks fun.  Is there a happy medium?  Roses will be included.

How is your spring shaping up?

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