Monster Longies

I saw pictures of cute toddlers wearing knit pants with monster faces on the bum long before I began knitting a pair.  Friends and family who know I knit either tagged me in Facebook posts or shared posts directly on my timeline.  I smiled every time.  I thought they were adorable, funny, and had the potential to be quite useful.

I was hesitant.  Busy.  I didn’t want to make a pair for Zefram, and have him grow out of them too quickly.  I don’t plan on having more babies, so I wouldn’t be handing them down the line.

Fortunately, two friends of mine made a deal to exchange some pocket cloth diapers for some hand knits.  You may remember Rosewood Aran Braid Milo and Rosewood Vanilla.  The final project to complete was these Monster Longies.  I would get to try my hand at making them!

The pattern is super easy to follow.  I was surprised at the length of the rise, but it is supposed to be able to accommodate cloth diaper bums, as well as stay up.  The drawstring is a nifty helper in that regard.  I haven’t made a lot of projects with multiple color changes, so it took me a while to figure out the best way to weave in ends as I went.  I hate weaving them in after the fact.   I also learned how to duplicate stitch.  That is a pretty cool trick!

This project started off fun, but it quickly started to take me forever.  And feeling angst over how long it was taking started to quickly sap the fun right out of it.  And not just the fun.  It sapped my longing to sit down and knit.  I wanted to work on other projects at the same time, but I couldn’t rationalize it. These longies were being done on commission, more or less, and so I had a deadline.  Finish them before the recipient gets too big!

The truth is, they are cute, funny, and functional.  But I am glad to be done.  Maybe I will knit another pair someday.   For now, I shall refrain from knitting or crocheting on commission until the rest of life slows down.  I want my crafting to be fun and inspired.  Joyful.



4 thoughts on “Monster Longies

    • Yes. The projects are cute still. Lol. I get the thing about scarves. I’m so tall, they take forever to get long enough!

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