Project Toasty Trogdor

Happy New Year!

We are 15 days in, and I find myself kicking back on my couch per doctor’s order – “light” bed rest.  His exact words were to, “stop doing the things that are making you have pre-labor pains. You know what that means? Bed rest.”

That means stop making breakfast, lunch, and dinner; doing laundry, dishes, and tidying; carrying in fire wood; getting kids ready for every little thing; and walking anywhere except to the bathroom, even though that is a fun adventure in itself. We need our little one to stay put as long as possible since his debut will be via c-section, thus missing out on all the perks of going through the life tunnel – namely having all the guck squeezed out of his lungs.  The good news is that it seems to be helping! I haven’t had any more serious contractions since Thursday. We thought we’d be having a baby that night!

Oh, that’s right! I forget sometimes who I have told, and who I have not.

Yes, I AM pregnant.

We have playfully dubbed our little guy, Trogdor: The Burninator.  Perhaps you have seen the cartoon?  So far, he fits in well with our other dragons. They love him already.

Trogdor is my first winter baby. He is so LUCKY to get to arrive during a winter with record-breaking snow accumulation in our valley.  In fact, it is snowing again as I type this. Heh. So I have felt it necessary to focus on making warm things for him to wear.  I’m calling the collection Project Toasty Trogdor.

Here is a quick look at what I have completed so far:

Notice a theme?

I’ll go into some more detail on each project throughout the week, including progress on a sweater jacket I started knitting for him last night!  I have lots of time. 😉


May your own creating be joyful this week!


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