Project Toasty Trogdor – Booties

One thing I like about baby knits is that if you mess up and need to start over, you haven’t lost very much time.  This was the case with these booties. Well, the first bootie anyway.


The instructions are clear and simple, and I had an easy time altering them to work with the yarn I was using.  After casting on, though, I struggled a bit with keeping the yarn on my dpns.  I have a tendency to knit and crochet very loosely, and it took me a few tries before I remembered that I had some bamboo dpns I could use instead of metal.  Yarn stays on wood or bamboo needles so much better for me, so when I switched over, that problem was taken care of.  But then I got to the cuff.

I noticed one side of the bootie looked different from the other. This would not do. I ripped out the stitches to the starting of the toe and top of the foot, and reknit them.  It looked the same.  I did this twice more before deciding this would just have to do.  I knit the cuff and bound off.  I went to bed.

The next day, I got out my needles and yarn and started in on the second bootie.  I got to the cuff and noticed that this bootie looked different.  It looked like it was supposed to look.

How in the world?


The bootie on the left is the second bootie.  See the difference?  I chalk it up to knitting refreshed versus knitting tired.  To make matters worse (or better?), I realized what I was doing differently.  Let’s just say it involved slipping stitches before knitting them together.  And, now that I knew the solution, I had to fix the first bootie.

And I am glad I did.


May you create joyfully!

2 thoughts on “Project Toasty Trogdor – Booties

    • Yes! I think it has happened enough that I should know better by now. haha. Nope! I don’t think I realized I was even that tired until the next day.

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