The Newest Dragon

Our baby, Elliott, was born on January 30th!  

He is doing well and gives me big smiles before bedtime.  I’m glad to introduce him, and look forward to sharing more adventures with you now that we are settled.


Project Toasty Trogdor – Bonnet

Since Trogdor is my first winter baby, I’ve been thinking almost constantly about keeping him warm.  You’d think after having three babies this sort of wondering and worrying would wear off.  Nope.  That’s ok though.  I have a lot of mom friends, a mother of my own and a mother-in-law, and I’m pretty much surrounded by wonderful women who love each other and jump at the chance to share wisdom and encouragement!

I decided I wanted to make something dragon themed for the little guy, and I came across two patterns I wanted to try.  One was an earflap hat, and the other was a bonnet.  I chose the bonnet because my babies have a history of hats falling off their larger than average heads.  Bonnets have ties, so that seems like a great solution.

Here is the pattern.  It is called “Baby Monstaa’s Very Scary Bonnet”.  I figured it would be simple enough to just call it a dragon bonnet.  I can’t wait to see it on his precious head!

I did end up working the dragon spikes flat using crochet because I wanted them a little edgier and not as round. I don’t remember exactly how I did it.  I should probably start keeping track of that sort of thing!

The main part of the bonnet was made with Cascade Yarns Cascade 220 in colorway 8910 Citron (this is the closest color I could find of the same yarn at the moment.)  This yarn was already in my stash, and I’ve actually had it since before my oldest was born!  I bought it at a cute little yarn shop in Newport, Oregon while I was on a vacation with my parents and husband. I used some to make a mini blanket for my oldest, but had a lot leftover.  I think it was just waiting for this project!  The spikes were made with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted Weight in color way Winter Night.  This was also stash yarn.  If you are on Ravelry, you can find this project here.

What do you prefer for newborn hats, bonnets or stocking caps?

May your own creating be joyful!

Project Toasty Trogdor

Happy New Year!

We are 15 days in, and I find myself kicking back on my couch per doctor’s order – “light” bed rest.  His exact words were to, “stop doing the things that are making you have pre-labor pains. You know what that means? Bed rest.”

That means stop making breakfast, lunch, and dinner; doing laundry, dishes, and tidying; carrying in fire wood; getting kids ready for every little thing; and walking anywhere except to the bathroom, even though that is a fun adventure in itself. We need our little one to stay put as long as possible since his debut will be via c-section, thus missing out on all the perks of going through the life tunnel – namely having all the guck squeezed out of his lungs.  The good news is that it seems to be helping! I haven’t had any more serious contractions since Thursday. We thought we’d be having a baby that night!

Oh, that’s right! I forget sometimes who I have told, and who I have not.

Yes, I AM pregnant.

We have playfully dubbed our little guy, Trogdor: The Burninator.  Perhaps you have seen the cartoon?  So far, he fits in well with our other dragons. They love him already.

Trogdor is my first winter baby. He is so LUCKY to get to arrive during a winter with record-breaking snow accumulation in our valley.  In fact, it is snowing again as I type this. Heh. So I have felt it necessary to focus on making warm things for him to wear.  I’m calling the collection Project Toasty Trogdor.

Here is a quick look at what I have completed so far:

Notice a theme?

I’ll go into some more detail on each project throughout the week, including progress on a sweater jacket I started knitting for him last night!  I have lots of time. 😉


May your own creating be joyful this week!


James’s Blanket, Wrapped in Love

“Love isn’t how you feel, it’s what you do.” – The Wind in the Door Madeleine L’Engle

This morning, I am writing.  I am drinking black coffee.  I am pondering greater things than myself, but also what I might eat for supper.  I am soaking in the warmth of a fire and basking in its quiet sounds.

And I am holding a baby blanket which never got to be wrapped around its intended. Continue reading

A Race

“We never are too old for this, my dear, because it is a play we are playing all the time in one way or another.  Our burdens are here, our road is before us, and the longing for goodness and  happiness is the guide that leads us through many troubles and mistakes to the peace which is a true Celestial City.  Now, my little pilgrims, suppose you begin again, not in play, but in earnest, and see how far on you can get before Father comes home.” – Mrs. March (Little Women, Louisa May Alcott).


Continue reading

Monster Longies

I saw pictures of cute toddlers wearing knit pants with monster faces on the bum long before I began knitting a pair.  Friends and family who know I knit either tagged me in Facebook posts or shared posts directly on my timeline.  I smiled every time.  I thought they were adorable, funny, and had the potential to be quite useful.

I was hesitant.  Busy.  I didn’t want to make a pair for Zefram, and have him grow out of them too quickly.  I don’t plan on having more babies, so I wouldn’t be handing them down the line. Continue reading

A Return to Singing

I’ve noticed a lot of little changes around here since Ben started working again a few weeks ago.  I’ve noticed the obvious changes too – being without a car during the day, errands shifted to the weekend, income – but the small ones have been the most surprising; the return of his sporadic burst into song and mouth trumpeting as he completes daily chores is one I’m grateful for.  It is surprising, though, because I hadn’t really noticed it was gone.  I think of a caged bird who loses its song as it molts and prepares to grow new feathers.  Life was pretty quiet around here, even though we had a lot going on. Continue reading


I think I was hibernating.

I’m awake now, though, and welcoming spring with as much excitement as the flowers and birds.

I haven’t given much thought as to what to say, but here are some photos from recent adventures.


We’ve made a lot of sweets.


Daffodils have bloomed.


Dragons are a thing.


My babies fed some calves! The joy…

Another Day in McCall

Thursday, I had the opportunity to spend the day working in McCall, Idaho.  Usually my visits to McCall are in the warmer months, when I can take walks by the lake, hike nearby trails, and visit with friends while enjoying a cup of coffee.  This is only my third time visiting McCall in the winter months; once was for basketball in junior high, and once was to go snowshoeing with Ben back when I was still going to college.  The visits have always been laid back, and this one, even though it was for work, was still easygoing.

A month ago, I set a date to provide a book fair for one of the private schools in McCall.  This was my first time running a book fair, and I was super nervous.  Thursday finally came, and I got up at 5 so we could get to the school in time for student drop-off (it takes a little under two hours to drive there).  I drove past the parking lot entry twice before finally managing to see it in time to pull in.  This didn’t help my nerves in the least.  My kids had stayed with my folks, but Ben accompanied me.  His presence made me brave, and he also helped me carry in heavy boxes of books, and move tables to where I needed them.  Once we were setting up, my mind calmed down; it’s funny how doing a job erases related anxieties.

The book fair got started right away.  I was still setting up as people trickled in.  Later that morning, I got a kick out of watching the kids look through all the books and make their wish lists.  It is always one thing to think about which books would be great for certain children, and quite another to see which books they are actually interested in.  Still, there were only a couple books that went untouched.

During the slow times (when students were in class), I enjoyed the peace and quiet by putting books back neatly on the tables (yes, I said enjoyed).  I must have rearranged them four times before deciding on my favorite display.  I guess it is safe to say I know from whom Shira gets his knack for decorating.  Once my display was pretty well set, I sat and worked on my current knitting project.

I have been knitting these monster bum pants for a friend’s little girl.  It has been taking me a long time even though I’m enjoying the process.  I suppose it could have something to do with the Christmas slippers I made at the last minute?  Who knows.  The pants are almost done now!


I’ve come across a couple little surprises while knitting these.  First, the waist is higher than I imagined it would be.  After looking at other people’s pictures of the same pants on toddlers and babies, I am reassured that the high waist is perfectly normal and probably functions as another way to keep the pants on.

Second, I have noticed that I’ll need to go back and adjust the areas where I switched colors.  I tried to weave in the ends as I went because I despise weaving them in after I’m done.  It is such tedious work.  The first method I tried made little bunched-up areas that I didn’t think would be very comfortable.  I changed my method near the end of the first leg and I’ve kept it throughout the second.  The color changes feel much nicer, and they look nicer too.  I hope fixing the first leg after the fact will work out.

While I was knitting, I contemplated how laid back I felt and how exciting this first book fair was for me and for the teachers and kids.  How could I ever have felt nervous?

In the end, I came away from the day unscathed, and maybe even a little more relaxed and confident than before.  McCall always leaves me better than it finds me.  Thursday was no exception.